Banshee Issue 13


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Danielle McLaughlin | Scatter Hoarding
Georgina Parfitt | Sunshine
Ben Behzadafshar | Remnants
Siobh?n Mannion | Winter
Laura Morris | Show Me Where It Hurts
Ois?n McKenna | Roseleen In London
Shane Murphy | Welcome to the World
Mary Morrissy | Curriculum Vitae

R?is?n Costello | A Forked Tongue
Rosamund Taylor | Basho from a Beginner
Alicia McAuley | The Other Side of the Mountain
Gabrielle Gallardo | Blight
Molly Hennigan | God or Some Other Soothing Opiate

Tania Hershman | Taking Our Tails
DM O?Connor | Approaching Rio By Sea
Christopher Linforth | Acousmatique
Fiona Murphy | Masquerade
Katelyn O?Neill | Waterfront

Joanna Cleary | I Love You
Gustav Parker Hibbett | Tortoise
Alyssandra Tobin | The sun warm on my legs & the rush of never having nothing to do. | I know we hate poems about dreams but listen
Jamie Field | Those Failed Architects
Fatima Jafar | Blanket
Aoife Lyall | Mortification of the flesh
David Romanda | Beth
Mark Ward | A Street In Carrara
Emma Must | from The Finds
Michael Dooley | Sweet Pea
Fred Johnston | Power
Kelly Michels | Woman?s Body Found Inside Burning Dumpster Near Town Center
Emer Fallon | The brown bird
Glyn Edwards | Moon phases as seen from Earth
Susanna Galbraith | from Sophy
Patrick Chapman | Darling
Niamh O?Connell | Buzz. Constant
Leah Umansky | Flight Path
?zgecan Kesici | Love is born a living creature
Rhiannon Williams | Felling Douglas Firs
Joe Carrick-Varty | Some Dads
Kevin Graham | Steven
Casey Jarrin | They?re Not What You Expect
Gordon Taylor | Bonus Track
Molly Twomey | Medicine | Are You Really Vegetarian?
Cleo Henry | Sonnet
Gabrielle Griot | American Spirit
Abhainn Connolly | Car Tattoo
Eil?n de Paor | Shelf

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