Banshee Issue 12


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Saoirse McCann Callanan | Outcast
Anna Loughran | A Respectable Home
Sara Keating | Bloomsday, 1945
Ferdia Lennon | The Red Skeleton Hour
Nick Holdstock | Neighbourly
Hayley Carr | Story idea ? need some help ironing out the details!!!
Katie Curran | iPod Touch

Oona Frawley | Fragments on Houses
Rebecca Goss | The Need to Render Ourselves Comforted
William Keohane | Cratloe Wood Lake
Alice Kinsella | Milk
Bebe Ashley | Letter to the Twentysomething Running the Bagel Shop in the Faroe Islands
Beth Kilkenny | A body, in nine parts (with endnotes)

April Yee | The Seven Steps to Understanding
Emer McLysaght | Shilpa?s Cat

Julian Day | Absence
Sophie Dumont | We Keep Our Chlamydia in a Bell Jar
Tara Skurtu | Insallah
Cl?odhna Bhreathnach | Aughrim Street Doomscroll
Darren Donohue | The Married Men of Stand House Road
Nina Reljic | Persona poem
Paul Tanner | afternoon like cotton
Alvy Carragher | Socrates likes to talk philosophy at the taverna
Elizabeth McGeown | Ritual for the Creation of a Tiny Goddess
Louise Essex | The Sermon
Aimee Godfrey | Being Frida
Gerard Smyth | Scriptorium
Simon Costello | MAG DS-28-35 EX DRYERS
Lianne O?Hara | Soap
Caitlin Stobie | Five Ways of Looking at a Period
Dylan Brennan | Four Attempts at Making a Human
Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto | My Grandma was a gallery of memories
Maija Sofia Makela | I?ve been making lists of plants that thrive in traumatized soil
Nicola Heaney | Glossary of an Island People
Patrick Deeley | Apparitions
Samuel Tongue | Jesus tries to raise a Lazarus-species
Luke Morgan | Kelpie
Katherine Duffy | Lapse
Zara Meadows | Scramble
May Chong | And even now

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