Aspects of the Masculine

by C.G. Jung


Aspects of the Masculine | 9780415307697 | C.G. Jung

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:17/04/2003 by Taylor & Francis Ltd


The concept of masculinity was crucial not only to Jung’s revolutionary theories of the human psyche, but also to his own personal development. If, as Jung believed, “modern man is already so darkened that nothing beyond the light of his own intellect illuminates his world,” then it is essential to show every man the limits of his understanding and how to overcome them. In Aspects of the Masculine Jung does this by revealing his most significant insights concerning the nature and motivations of masculinity, both conscious and unconscious, and explaining how this affects the development of the personality. Offering a unique perspective on the masculine, based upon both his personal and clinical experiences, Jung asks questions that remain as insistent as ever. He offers answers that–whether they surprise, shock or edify–challenge us to re-examine our contemporary understanding of masculinity.