by Kelly DiPucchio


Antoinette | 9781481457835 | Kelly DiPucchio

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Published:01/03/2017 by Simon & Schuster


Antoinette’s three burly brothers each have a special talent. Rocky is clever. Ricky is fast! And Bruno is STRONG. Mrs. Bulldog reassures Antoinette that there is something extra special about her-but Antoinette is not so sure.
Then one day, while Antoinette plays in the park with her friend Gaston, Gaston’s sister Ooh-La-La goes missing. Antoinette feels a tug in her heart and a twitch in her nose. She must find Ooh-La-La. She will not give up!
Can Antoinette rescue the puppy in peril-and discover what makes her extra special along the way?