An Mac Tire a Raibh Faitios an Domhain Air

by Orianne Lallemand


An Mac Tire a Raibh Faitios an Domhain Air | 9781911363330 | Orianne Lallemand

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:09/03/2018 by Leabhar Breac


B?onn fait?os ar Mhac T?re i gc?na?, agus b?onn na mic t?re eile ag g?ire faoi. Ceapann s? nach mac tire ceart ?. Ar deireadh, socra?onn s? imeacht amach faoin domhain m?r agus ? sa t?ir ar an misneach.

Sraith tr? phicti?rleabhar don aoisghr?pa 4-7 mbliana. Sna sc?il?n? deasa seo is iad na ruda? c?anna a dh?an=ann imn? do Mhac T?re agus a bh?onn ag d?anamh imn? do gach p?iste ? an gr?; si?l ar scoil; a bheith cr?ga, srl. Leabhair ?lainn sol?imhse?ilte iad le l?amh os ard sa bhaile n? ar scoil.

Mac T?re is frightened of his own shadow! All the other wolves laugh at him. He’s afraid he isn?t a proper wolf. In the end, Mac T?re takes to the road to find his courage.

A series of three picturebooks for 4-7 year olds. In these charming stories Mac T?re the wolf has the same questions other children have?why is walking to tiresome? Why don’t I have a special friend? Why am I so scared? These beautiful picture books are easily handled by children and are ideal for reading aloud at home or at school.

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