Acting Shakespeare’s Language

by Andy Hinds


Acting Shakespeare’s Language | 9781783190089 | Andy Hinds

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:30/01/2015 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC


In this inspirational new manual, Andy Hinds shares what he has learnt over thirty years of teaching the speaking and acting of Shakespeare’s texts. In simple steps he brings the reader to a full understanding of how Shakespeare’s language ‘works’, lucidly outlines a number of practical guidelines, and provides simple, test-proven exercises to put each guideline into practice.

Key points include:

Acting Solo Speeches | Pronunciation | Imagery and imagistic language | Acting Shakespeare’s Verse | Acting Shakespeare’s Prose | Breathing

The essential guide for all actors, students, teachers or directors tackling Shakespeare’s plays or speeches and wishing to release the full dramatic power of his words.