A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Aga

by David Foster Wallace


A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Aga | 9780349110011 | David Foster Wallace

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:05/02/1998 by Little, Brown Book Group


A collection of insightful and uproariously funny non-fiction by the bestselling author of INFINITE JEST – one of the most acclaimed and adventurous writers of our time. A SUPPOSEDLY FUN THING… brings together Wallace’s musings on a wide range of topics, from his early days as a nationally ranked tennis player to his trip on a commercial cruiseliner. In each of these essays, Wallace’s observations are as keen as they are funny.

Filled with hilarious details and invigorating analyses, these essays brilliantly expose the fault line in American culture – and once again reveal David Foster Wallace’s extraordinary talent and gargantuan intellect.