A Little Happier: Notes for reassurance

by Derren Brown


A Little Happier: Notes for reassurance | 9781787634473 | Derren Brown

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Published:15/10/2020 by Transworld Publishers Ltd


Brilliant . . . crammed with wisdom and insight.’ Stephen Fry on Happy

In A Little Happier Derren Brown draws out the essential discoveries from his international bestseller Happy to help you lead your happiest life.

Life is hard, messy and complex. But if we can learn to separate what we can control – our thoughts and actions – from all else beyond our control, we can find a surer footing with which to greet the world and experience our own concept of happiness.

– None of this is real when each of us tells stories about our lives in too tidy narratives that are seldom true and rarely helpful.
– We should be wary of goal setting: long-term goals fixate us on a future that may not happen and we may not wish for when we get there.
– Our partner isn’t right for us because no-one is. None of us is born for someone else. But perhaps those areas of frequent conflict are useful indicators of where we might ourselves be insufferable.

A Little Happier’s 17 inspiring and reassuring lessons will help you define and find your own happiness. Its lessons challenge us to think differently about the meaning of happiness and how we can over overcome anxiety in a difficult world.

Readers are inspired by A Little Happier:

***** ‘A no nonsense guide to seeing and appreciating the world we live in.’
***** ‘A brilliant, insightful and clear book. A beautiful accompaniment to Happy.’
***** ‘This book will have a big impact on people who suffer with anxiety and depression. A must read.’

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