A Critical Guide to Twentieth-century Wo

by Kathleen Wheeler


A Critical Guide to Twentieth-century Wo | 9780631212119 | Kathleen Wheeler

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:10/01/1998 by John Wiley and Sons Ltd


Kathleen Wheeler’s critical guide analyzes in 135 essays the narrative practices and stylistic devices of fiction from all over the English-speaking world. Eleven further chapters focus on the influence of early psychological writings on fiction, the rise of international English literature, fiction from the rich post-war period (when the novel was supposed to be dead), post-structuralist theory, postmodernism and magic realism, and feminist theory.The guide also discusses dozens of further writers from across the world in a geographically arranged chapter, while a final chapter guides readers through the vast range of available research resources. The bibliography covers thoroughly the secondary criticism available, in separate listings for each of the 135 entries, and in a list of both general criticism and anthologies.