12:37 | 9781350380547 | Julia Pascal

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:29/11/2022 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC


Does Tommy know you’re Jewish?
Tommy knows I’m Irish.

At 12:37pm on 22 July 1946, the King David Hotel in Jerusalem was bombed. 91 people were killed, 46 wounded. The bombing was carried out by right-wing Zionists, targeting the headquarters of the British in Palestine.

Two Irish Jewish brothers, Paul and Cecil Green, journey from their Dublin birthplace to battle antisemitism on the streets of East London. Their Irish nationalism propels them towards Jewish nationalism as they struggle against British Imperialism to form a Jewish nation state. As violence between British soldiers and Jewish terrorists erupts, Paul and Cecil become involved in an act of terrorism that changes both their lives.

12:37 raises complex and controversial questions around Jewish violence, homeland and national identity in a stunning new play that is both a hard-hitting historical epic and an intimate family drama.

This edition was published to coincide with the world premiere at the Finborough Theatre, London, in November 2022.

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